Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album
Prepare your heart, mind, and body for a beautiful birth with God!
This album will help prepare you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to partner with God during your labor and to birth your baby in His joy and presence. 

Get free from fear, renew your mind, learn to relax with Holy Spirit through contractions, practice with your partner for labor, and experience a beautiful encounter with Jesus to prepare you for your birth!
Here's what the album includes:
Track 1: Birth Scriptures. Listen to this track of empowering Scriptures spoken over peaceful background music as you fall asleep at night. These Scriptures will renew your mind, build your faith, renew your confidence in God’s goodness, and give you powerful promises to rest in as you approach your birth. The enemy hits us with so many lies and fears throughout our days and it’s really powerful to fall asleep to God’s TRUTH and promises for your life and birth.  

If you practice relaxing your whole body to this track when you fall asleep at night, it can act as a great cue for your body to relax during labor. It’s muscle memory! When your body hears these Scriptures during labor, it will know how to instantly relax to them. 

Track 2: Birth Declarations. These are powerful declarations in line with God’s truth about your birth. If you start to feel nervous or fearful about your birth, this track is a powerful way to realign yourself with Truth, make positive declarations in line with God’s heart, and get yourself free from fear and excited for your birth again.

As little anxieties about my birth would pop into my head throughout the last three weeks of my pregnancy, I would automatically put this track on and go for a quick walk around the block to renew my mind and realign with God’s thoughts. That’s all it took for me to come home feeling peaceful again ☺. 

Track 3: Holy Spirit Relaxation. One of the biggest keys for your labor will be the ability to fully relax every muscle of your body during a contraction. If you can release all tension in your body while your uterus contracts, it will make the contraction much more effective (because you won’t be resisting it at all) and much more comfortable. But this takes PRACTICE!

This track will help you practice the skill of relaxing so that you’ll be super prepared for labor. A great track to listen to as you get in bed at night where I invite Holy Spirit to fill each muscle of your body with His peace and rest and teach you to partner with Him by relaxing each muscle with Him. We start at your head and work down through each muscle of your body until every muscle is fully relaxed and resting in His peace.

Track 4: Labor Practice. This track allows you practice six contractions with your partner and Jesus. It’s so good to practice this ahead of time so that when active labor starts and things are getting intense, you and your partner already know how to find a rhythm together and he has some ideas of what might feel good to you, how to support you, and what HE can do. And it’s great practice for you to find the positions with him that feel good and how to fully relax during each contraction and welcome the Holy Spirit during them. 

Track 5: Jesus Encounter. I take you through an encounter with Jesus where you get to hear His specific heart and words for YOUR birth, receive any gifts He wants to give you for your birth, and release any fears you have so that you can enter your birth free from fear and full of His promises for it.

Go through this encounter as many times as you want leading up to the birth (and even during labor if you have any fears or concerns come up then)! So important to enter your birth free from fear and confident in God’s words and promises to you! It will make a huge difference during your labor.  
* This album is included in the package when you take my Online Kingdom Childbirth Class, but if a full childbirth class isn’t the right option for you at this time, I pray you’re super blessed by this album alone! (Although I do recommend taking the Kingdom Childbirth Class if you want to fully prepare for an awesome birth with God!)
"I labored to the Holy Spirit Relaxation Album and it really helped me! I had planned to use my playlist of music, but this album was all I wanted to listen to during the intense phase of labor, and I experienced the most beautiful birth I've ever had."
- Rebecca (Mom of 3)
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