The Heavenly Birth Kit
Create an atmosphere to birth your baby in God’s joy and presence!
As an expectant mama nearing your due date, we know how long your to-do-list can get and how difficult it can be to actually gather all the supplies you want for your birth. So we've done the work for you and have created a birth kit to equip you for a beautiful birth with God and to help you create a heavenly atmosphere wherever you are delivering!

Because here's the thing - atmosphere matters during birth!

They say that the atmosphere it takes to make a baby is the atmosphere you need to birth a baby. Candles, soft music, dim lights, an intimate space - all of these things help your body produce the oxytocin hormones it needs to labor quickly, efficiently, and comfortably.

And a peaceful atmosphere that's saturated with the presence of God will give you the strength, peace, and focus you need to birth your baby in His joy and presence and ENJOY the gift He intended childbirth to be. Plus, it will help you provide a heavenly welcome into the world for your baby!

We pray that God meets you in such a beautiful way during your birth and that this birth kit deeply blesses your labor and postpartum time! 

Here’s what it includes:

Beautiful Scriptures

 Seven 8.5 X 11 posters to put up around the room to encourage your heart, mind, and spirit throughout your labor (be it the hospital room, birth center room, or your own home). If you start to feel discouraged, these Scriptures can be a powerful tool center you again in God's truth and give you the confidence and peace you need to keep going in His strength and joy. 

Flameless Candles

Six tea light electric candles to place around the room to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere (if you’re at the hospital, put them out and dim the lights in the room – this will not only relax you, but create a quiet, peaceful atmosphere that the nurses will respect as well). It's amazing how a hospital room can start to feel like a spa with little touches like this!

Encouragement Cards

A key-ring full of phrases your partner can use to encourage you throughout the labor. He can keep them in his pocket and use them anytime he starts to feel stuck as to what to say or how to encourage you. Trust us, you want your partner knowing these phrases!

Labor Playlist Ideas

A list of our favorite albums and songs for your labor playlist! Use these ideas, along with your favorite songs to create a powerful playlist that will bring you into the presence of God throughout your birth! 

Honey Sticks

Three honey sticks to use throughout your labor anytime you need a little extra energy or to get your blood sugars up! We want to keep you strong and energized through the whole birth. For many moms, the hardest part of labor is exhaustion, not pain. So we want to equip you with our best tools for staying energized till the end!

Laborade Recipes

Two of our favorite recipes for a “laborade” drink to make ahead of time that will keep you hydrated, energized, and feeling great throughout the labor! These drinks have lots of great minerals and ingredients to keep you strong and feeling good! (You can also make them into ice chips to suck on during labor).


During the intense part of labor, it’s easier to sip through a straw than to tip a cup to drink. So we are including three straws for easy sipping and to make sure you stay hydrated! It might sound silly, but staying hydrated can make such a difference in your birth! We encourage you to drink 8oz of liquid per hour.

Postpartum Sitz Bath

Enjoy this luxurious, healing stiz bath by Earth Mama Angle Baby in the weeks following your birth. Pamper yourself and soak in God’s presence and love. Rest well and heal quickly! (six herb packs included – for 6 wonderful soaks!). 

Mommy-Baby Soaking Album 

A powerful soaking album for your postpartum time. Allow these life-giving Scriptures to wash over you as you nurse, cuddle your new bundle of joy, change diapers, and even sleep! It’s so important to let God’s truth refresh you and ground you throughout all the ups and downs of this season. And this is a great album to play while your baby sleeps to allow God’s truth to start soaking into their spirit at a young age. (You can also enjoy relaxing to these scriptures before baby is born :).
Downloadable Kit Available As Well! 
You can also select the downloadable version when you check out and you will receive instant printable downloads of the Scriptures, Encouragement Cards, 
Labor Playlist Ideas, Laborade Recipies, and Mommy-Baby Soaking Album.
We pray that God meets you in such a beautiful way during your birth and that this birth kit beautifully blesses your labor and postpartum time!
Once you purchase, you should receive your kit in the mail within 5-10 days!  Or if you purchase the downloadable kit, you can download the resources immediately!

To your beautiful birth,

*The Birth Kit is only available to ship within the U.S., but if you live outside the U.S., make sure to get the downloadable version!
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