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Finally understand your hormones, cycle, and fertility!
Hi Beautiful,

Whether you're in a season of wanting to prevent pregnancy, obtain pregnancy, or just understand your hormones and cycle better, this class is for YOU!

For those wanting to prevent pregnancy, you will be empowered to:

  • Know exactly which days you are "safe" each month so that you can enjoy those spontaneous love-making sessions without wondering if you need protection.
  • Enjoy sex without condoms for half the month (At this point, your hubby is voting you take the class!)
  • Naturally prevent pregnancy without drugs like birth control that mess up your hormones and can make it difficult to get pregnant in the future.
  • Understand your cycle and hormones better and any issues going on with them.
  • Learn how to chart your cycle and know exactly which day you ovulate each month. No more pregnancy scares because if you ovulate late, you'll know that's why your period is late and won't wonder if you're pregnant.
  • Know exactly which day your period is going to start. No more getting caught off guard because it's a couple days early or late. And you'll know those few days before it starts why you're feeling moody :). 
  • Breastfeeding and haven't gotten your cycle back?​Learn how to discern when your first ovulation is coming before you get your first period! Know when you become fertile again. No surprise pregnancies :). 
  • Understand your cycle and get your hormones healthy so that when you're ready to try for a baby, you're set up for success and know the best way and days to try!
For those wanting to get pregnant, you will be empowered to:

  • Know the best days to have intercourse each month to increase your chances of conceiving!
  • Feel confident knowing exactly which days you are and aren't fertile each month. (Save those sperm for your fertile days, and especially for your MOST fertile day!)
  • If you'd like to try for a certain gender, learn the best days to try for each gender :). 
  • Understand your cycle and hormones better and any issues going on with them.
  • Learn how to chart your cycle and know exactly which day you ovulate each month. No more wondering why you're late - you'll know for sure if it's because you ovulated late or because you're actually pregnant.
  • Know exactly which day your period will start each month if you're not pregnant. No more getting caught off guard because it's a couple days early or late. 
  • Find out you're pregnant even before taking a pregnancy test! 
  • Know the exact day you conceived and the exact due date for your baby. So helpful in preventing an unnecessary induction because your doctor thinks you're 42 weeks, but you're actually only 41 weeks. Ultrasounds can be wrong about due dates, but not your chart!
  • If you're having trouble conceiving, learn how to see if your estrogen or progesterone are low, if you're actually ovulating, if you're actually conceiving but having early miscarriages and not realizing it, etc. Learn what may be preventing pregnancy so that you can take steps towards healing it. 
Sound good? 
Whether you are...
  • Single and wanting to better understand your cycle and hormones to discern any issues going on 
  • Engaged and wanting to learn how to naturally prevent pregnancy without going on birth control (seriously, it can really mess you up! There is a much better way :))
  • Married and wanting to learn how to naturally prevent pregnancy, bring some freedom to your sex life, and figure out any issues going on with your cycle
  • Married and wanting to get pregnant and up your odds of conception (and even try for a certain gender)
  • Breastfeeding and wanting to know exactly when you become fertile again before your first period arrives (because you WILL ovulate before that first period and CAN get pregnant then :))
This class is for YOU!
You will come out of this class understanding your own cycle, knowing exactly which days you are fertile each month, and empowered to partner with God's design to naturally prevent or try for pregnancy.

"My husband and I wanted a natural method of contraception and this this class was perfect for us. It was empowering to learn how to read my body's signs and freeing to know when we didn't need to use a condom. And when we were ready for a baby, we knew when I was most fertile. We now have a sweet baby boy who brings us so much joy! I highly recommend this class to those who want a natural and empowering method to choose when to get pregnant.
- Diana (1st time mom)
Before I tell you more about the class, let me first tell you a little about myself… 
kierra and lukie
I’m a DONA trained birth doula and ICEA trained childbirth educator. I love everything to do with fertility, conception, pregnancy and birth. 
I am in awe of the way God designed our bodies as women! 
My husband and I have been married 7 years and we have successfully used the Fertility Awareness Method that I teach in this class to both prevent pregnancy and then conceive quickly each time we felt ready for a baby. 
The tools and knowledge in this class have been amazing for us!
I first learned about the Fertility Awareness Method and how to chart my cycle three months into our marriage. It was so empowering. 

I kept thinking, What? Why didn't anyone tell me this stuff in Jr. High when my period started? This would have been so good to know the past 15 years!

And we both were like, "WHAT?!!! We don't need condoms all month? This is awesome!"

WHAT?!!! We were actually safe on our honeymoon and didn't need protection on our wedding night? Shoot - why didn't someone tell us about this sooner?

For the first three years, we loved using this method for prevention. It worked great and I loved never having a false pregnancy scare, being able to track what was going on with my hormones to get them as healthy as possible, and the freedom of unprotected sex for half the month. 

Then again, this method worked great for us when we were ready to try for baby #1. We conceived our second month of trying and I loved knowing the exact day we conceived and therefore my exact due date. Ultrasounds showed my due date to be week earlier, but I knew the correct due date from my chart. This ended up being such a blessing because I was a week overdue and doctors would have thought I was two weeks overdue and pushed for induction had they gone by the ultrasounds. 

When we were ready to try for baby #2, we conceived the first month using this method, and again I was so thankful to know the exact due date because once again I went past my due date and had we gone by ultrasound estimates, doctors would have put pressure on me to induce. But instead, I got to enjoy a heavenly homebirth!

This method worked great for us to prevent pregnancy for the next 2.5 years and when we were ready to try for baby #3, we conceived the first month again. This pregnancy sadly ended in a miscarriage (You can read about the hope God gave us in that season on my blog at But I am so thankful to know how to chart my cycle to see what's going on with my hormones so that we can know when everything is back to normal and we are fertile and able to try again. 

We LOVE this method and knowledge and tools! It truly has been such a blessing in our marriage and family. And I can't wait to teach you how to implement it in your own life and family! You are going to love it!
"Kierra is the best! When my husband and I were engaged, Kierra taught us about charting and the female cycle and all things family planning. The best part is, it worked perfectly! We didn't get pregnant until we decided it was time, and on the first try nonetheless. I highly recommend any class Kierra teaches. She is so passionate about women, birth and family, and has been such a gift to mine!"
- Christa (1st time mom)
Now about the class...
It's a 4 week online class full of awesome teaching videos, handouts, and tools! 

Each week you'll watch a new video with accompanying notes and homework to do that week to put it all into practice. (Don't worry - it's fun homework, I promise!)

Here's what we cover:
Week 1: Understanding Your Cycle
  • All about the amazing stages and hormones of your monthly cycle and how to start charting it all! You'll be amazed at what you can learn from your chart. And if you're like me, you'll be like "What?!!! Why didn't anyone tell me this in 7th grade?!!! This would have been so helpful to know this whole time!"
Week 2: The Beauty of Your Hormones, Temperature, & Cervical Fluid
  • You'll be amazed at the information that your waking temperature and cervical fluid can tell you each day about your fertility! God's design is amazing and it' so fun to chart these signs and understand what they mean about your body each day. 
Week 3: Naturally Preventing Pregnancy
  • Learn the 4 Rules that will tell you exactly which days you are "safe" each month so you can enjoy unprotected sex at least half the month in complete confidence that you won't get pregnant! (Unless God does a miracle:)). Plus learn how to know the exact day your next period will start, as well as how to know when you're getting fertile again while breastfeeding! The info in this lesson is so empowering and exciting!
Week 4: Achieving Pregnancy
  • How to increase your chances of conceiving, try for a specific gender, figure out what might be going on if you're having trouble conceiving, how to know the exact due date for your baby, and much more! If you're trying for a baby, you will love this lesson!
When you join the class, you receive a special login to our class members area where you will have lifetime access to the 4 Weeks of Videos, PDF Notes, and our 
Member's Only Facebook Group:
* The videos: Each week's video is 45-60 minutes long and you can watch it on your own schedule from the comfort of your own home.

By the end of the last week, you will have completed a one month's chart of your cycle! You will understand how to interpret it, what it means about your hormones and fertility, and how to use it to determine which days you are "safe" and which days you are fertile. And you'll be equipped to continue charting your cycle each following month!

* PDF Downloads: You'll receive notes to go with the lessons so you can remember and reference everything when you need it. And charts to download and print to chart your cycle on!

* Access to our Members Only Facebook Group: An awesome support group where you can connect and journey with other moms taking the class. Ask questions, post prayer requests, share testimonies, and get more personal connection with me. If you have questions that arise that I don't address in the videos, you can ask them here! I look forward to walking this journey with you!

After the four weeks, you will still have life-time access to the teaching videos, lessons, and FB group. Feel free to re-watch the lessons as much as you want - especially as you move into a new season of wanting to try for pregnancy instead of prevent it, or vice versa. 

And I'll be there for you in the FB group, along with a lot of other amazing moms throughout all the seasons of your journey! 
Sound good? 

Are you ready to fall in love with the amazing way God designed your body and to finally understand your cycle and fertility? Let’s do this!
The knowledge and empowerment you'll receive in this class will bless your marriage, your sex life, your future children, and your identity as a beautifully made daughter of the King. 

Say good-bye to birth control pills, unnecessary condoms, false pregnancy scares, confusion about your ovulation, periods that catch you by surprise in white shorts, anxiety in the heat of the moment wondering if you're "safe," and unnecessary delays in getting pregnant. 
*All prices are in USD.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Take the entire Fertility Class and if you aren’t fully satisfied for any reason, get 100% of your money back. Just shoot me an e-mail at and I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked. I just want to make sure you leave feeling happy, satisfied and equipped!
I look forward to walking this journey with you!

"Kierra is incredibly knowledgeable in all things childbirth and fertility. She also comes from a really grounded, perspective on the heart of the Father as she teaches. Not only is her class so empowering to the soul and spirit, she is also incredibly thorough in teaching the science and facts behind the fertility process. She is an amazing teacher, incredibly easy on the ears, and explains it all in simple terms. I couldn't have had a better experience in her class! So thankful for Kierra!" 
- Rebekah (1st time mom)
Frequently Asked Questions

Is this something my husband or fiance should watch with me? 
Great question! It's definitely ideal if your partner is up for watching the videos with you and to learn how you're charting your cycle. The more involved he is, the better. Some men have trouble trusting that you're actually "safe" for half the month, but watching the class will help them understand why and feel confident in this method. Some women actually take their temperature in the morning and their husband is the one who writes it on the chart so that both of them feel confident in where her cycle is at that day. 

But that said, not all guys want to hear about all this "girl stuff." (My hubby used be totally grossed out by the word "cervical fluid" and asked me to please stop talking about that stuff. He's much better about it all now, but it was a topic he had to slowly get used to). So if your man isn't ready for the class, no problem! You can take it and share the important things you're learning with him and you can always replay certain parts of the videos for him that you really want him to hear and understand. 

How soon can I get started and how long will I have access to the class for?
As soon as you purchase the class you'll get the link to create your login and password to our members area. Once you login to the members area, you will have immediate access to all of the lessons. Watch them at your own pace, on your own schedule :). You will have access to all the videos and resources for life and can re-watch them as many times as you want. You'll probably want to re-watch certain sections as you move into a new season wanting to try to conceive instead of prevent, or vice versa. 

Is this available to watch on my phone?
The videos and the website are all viewable by any mobile device! That means you can watch the videos on your tablet in bed, or on the go on your phone. You'll have fertility resources wherever you go!

I already have an app that tracks my fertility so how is this class different from that?
Great question. Apps are fine, but the problem is that they don't empower you to actually understand what's going on with your cycle and hormones and why you're fertile certain days. So if something is off one month with your hormones, the app won't empower you to understand what's really going on. Plus, they don't incorporate God into the conversation and the goodness of His heart for you and His design of you as a woman. This class will empower you to really connect with His heart, learn to rest in Him through your journey of family planning, and partner with Him and his design. Even if you continue to use an app to track your fertility, you will be so glad you took this class and actually understand what's going on in your body each month, why you are and aren't fertile certain days, and how to partner with God each step of your journey. 

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