A 7-Day detox from worry, anxiety and fear
Look back on your month and think, “Wow, I can’t remember the last time I worried about something!”
  • Are you tired of living with anxiety, fear, and stress?
  • Do you long to live in an actual experience of God’s peace even in the midst of hectic days, scary circumstances, and stressful decisions you need to make? 
  • Do you hunger to make decisions with God out of love and wisdom instead of fear
  • Do you desire to see each circumstance in your life from God’s perspective instead of your own? 
  • Do you want to break the hold that worry has had in your mind and in your life?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class is for you! You will be empowered to  live free from worry, break the power of fear, and live in the peace and joy available to you in Christ!
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“Kierra’s Break Free From Worry class is such an encouragement and breath of fresh air! In a culture where being a “worrier” is the norm, I found myself falling into that trap and believing those lies about myself! Through this course, the Lord reminded me of who I am in Him! And a worrier is not one of those things. I loved the practical tools that Kierra provides to help you connect with the Lord, to hear His heart for you and your concerns, as well as change your thinking to be like His. She has such a gift for teaching and encouraging!”
The class consists of 7 teaching videos that you can watch online from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. I reccomend watching one per day for one week for a powerful 7-day detox from worry and fear! 

Here’s what we cover:
Lesson 1: Getting God’s Perspective
  • Learn how to have a “tea-time” with God that will radically transform the way you think
  • Be empowered to see your circumstances as God sees them (hint: he’s not worried about them at all!) 
  • Bonus– guest appearance from my cute 4-month old, John, in this lesson!
Lesson 2: Creating New Thought Patterns
  • Discover how to break anxious thought patterns, replacing them with Kingdom thought patterns instead.
  • Create new neuropathways in your brain so that it becomes more natural to think a peaceful thought than a fearful one
Lesson 3: Breaking Agreements
  • Get free from the fear caused by other people’s negative stories and worries
  • Learn how to host my favorite faith-building “Passover Meal”
Lesson 4: The What-If Game
  • Learn to break the cycle of anxiety causing “what-ifs” that take-up your mind space
  • Discover a new game you can play with God that leads your mind into His life-giving joy and peace!
Lesson 5: Praying With Jesus
  • Learn my favorite way to pray that ushers in perfect peace and powerful authority to shift situations
Lesson 6: Breaking the Fear of Decision Making
  • Be empowered to make decisions out of wisdom and love instead of fear
  • No longer be plagued by anxiety in decision making!
Lesson 7: Jesus Encounter
  • Experience an encounter with Jesus where you get to release your fears to Him and receive His specific words and gifts for you instead. It’s a beautiful, freeing, and intimate connection time with Him!
I enjoyed this class so much! Kierra does an excellent job explaining why and how it’s possible for ANYONE (even a “worrier” like me!) to live a life FREE from the bondage of worry and anxiety – no matter how complicated or discouraging a situation might be. After following this class and regularly applying what I’ve learned, I can thankfully say that every day I’m one step closer to living the worry-free life that Christ readily made available to all of us! 
- Joanne
Through these lessons, you will gain life-changing tools to transform every anxious thought that comes your way into a peaceful, true one instead! You will be equipped to walk through your days free from worry!

After completing the lessons, you will be launched into a 40-day “worry-fast” to solidify these new habits and thought patterns.

Instead of fasting from food for 40 days, you are going to fast from worrying. Every time an anxious thought creeps into your mind, you are going to use your new tools to kick out that thought and replace it with a peaceful, Kingdom thought instead.

As you pursue this with a laser focus for 40 days, this new way of thinking will replace your old anxious habits and will start to become automatic.

Soon it will become the natural way you think and interact with God and the circumstances surrounding you.
You will begin to naturally live in His constant peace.

And you too will be able to join the group of empowered redeemed ones who look back at the end of their month and think “Wow, I can’t remember the last time I worried about something!”

Are you ready to step into your freedom?

When you join the class, you’ll receive lifetime access to all the teaching videos, plus 2 awesome bonuses!
Bonus #1: Members Only Facebook Group
where you can connect and journey with other moms who are taking the class. Embark on the 40-day worry-fast together, ask questions, post prayer requests, and share testimonies!
Bonus #2: Scriptures 
A whole PDF of life-giving Scriptures to help you break free from worry and fear. You can meditate on them, memorize them, and post them around your home!
Are you ready to get free from worry and to step into the radical peace you were made to live in? Let’s do this!
This matters so deeply to God! His heart longs to see his children living in the abundant life He died to give them – free from worry, anxiety, and fear.
I don’t want a single person to miss out on this life-changing class, so I’m keeping the price low at just $37 and that includes lifetime access so you can re-watch it as many times as you want!

Gain the tools to live free from anxiety, and enter into a lifestyle of supernatural peace!
*All prices are in USD

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Take the entire Break-Free From Worry Class and if you aren’t fully satisfied for any reason, get 100% of your money back. Just shoot me an e-mail at kierra@aheavenlywelcome.com and I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked. I just want to make sure you leave feeling happy, satisfied and equipped!

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A little about me...
kierra and lukie
I am a teacher, author, and childbirth educator who loves to equip moms to experience the joy, peace, and fullness that we were created for. I love to break the lies of the enemy, set people free from fear, and launch them into Kingdom thinking and freedom. It is my joy to empower moms to ENJOY the gifts of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.
I am married to the man of my dreams and love raising our three incredible boys with him!
I look forward to walking this journey with you as you step into the freedom you were created for!
Frequently Asked Questions
How soon can I get started and how long will I have access to the class for?
As soon as you purchase the class you'll receive the link to create your login and password to get access to the members' area where you can start viewing the classes and resources immediately. Watch them at your own pace, on your own schedule. You will have access to the class for life! Re-watch it as many times as you want in the coming years!

Is this available to watch on my phone?
The videos and the website are all viewable by any mobile device! That means you can watch the videos on your tablet in bed, or on the go on your phone. You'll have these life-giving resources wherever you go!

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